Self Publishing

[do_product title=”Business” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Perfect for counselors, attorneys, business executives and other professionals. Authoring a book can help a professional demonstrate a special expertise in his field, attract new clients, or provide added revenue at seminars. We help professionals in the legal, financial, healthcare, manufacturing and real estate fields publish the books that build their practices, find new clients, enhance their careers and provide ancillary revenue”]

[do_product title=”Education” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Instructional book, textbook, or student thesis: we have the format that fits. If you’re producing an institutional or corporate instruction book, we can make it easy for you. If you’ve compiled a custom classroom textbook, we’ll assemble it to last semester after semester. And we know exactly how to publish and bind the thesis you’ve slaved over. Just ask us; we’ll help produce your educational book in the most efficient way possible.”]

[do_product title=”Genealogy / Family History” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Collect your family history between the covers of a book that will be loved by generations to come. We can walk you through the steps necessary to create a family heirloom. Share your personal history with grandchildren, family and friends. You have a special life story to tell. Now it’s time to experience the special joy that comes with sharing that story with family members, friends, your public library, and other interested readers. We make it easy for you to prepare your book for publication.”]

[do_product title=”Travel Books” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Preserve the joys and memories of that special destination. The memory of special moments in our lives can fade with time. “One Book at a Time” can help you publish the images and stories of those moments between the covers of a hard-cover book you can share with others and keep forever. You choose the number of pages, type of binding, paper quality, and cover design”]

[do_product title=”Fiction / Non-Fiction” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”You’ve written your book, now present it in the most professional way possible. We know the creativity, dedication, motivation and sweat needed to write your own book. Now it’s time to publish it. We take your formatted pages, photographs, drawings and designs, then turn them into a book you’d be proud to display on your own bookshelf or share with others. Whether you want one copy of your book or hundreds, we’ll hand-craft them “One Book at a Time”.”]

[do_product title=”Cookbooks” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Publish your own recipes or produce a great fundraiser for your church or club. Your recipe collection represents the love you’ve given to family and friends for years; now you can compile a lifetime of recipes between the covers of a book that that will be as much at home in the kitchen as you are. Our binding options will make your cookbook a lasting treasure for other careful cooks.”]

[do_product title=”Childrens” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Lively, colorful and kid-friendly: your book will delight children of all ages. Start building childhood minds and childhood memories with books for young readers. Favorite bedtime stories? Car trip tales? Talking pets or funny dinosaurs? Put these precious stories and illustrations into a durable, kid-friendly book that will be handed down from parent to child. You choose the number of pages, type of binding, paper quality, and cover design”]

[do_product title=”Coffee Table” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Your oversize book will grab attention, no matter where it’s placed. When your images or words are too big for the shelf, you’ll want to our oversize coffee table book. We’ll help you build a book that looks like it came from a decorator’s showroom. There are plenty of challenges in producing a quality, durable oversize book. But we’ll help you every step of the way.
Art Books: Luscious color and plenty of space will show off your special images. Put your portfolio, studio show or life’s work between the covers of an elegant coffee table book. This oversized hardbound book—complete with optional dust cover—will help you show off the color,excitement, vitality and drama of your work. Of course, we’ll help you choose just the right paper and processes for best reproduction.”]

[do_product title=”Event” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Commemorate that special corporate event or organization. Corporations use top-quality custom hardbound books to mark IPOs, key account presentations,openings, corporate moves,board member retirements, and new product launches. Need a one-of-a-kind thank you gift for donors to your nonprofit organization or an affordable fund raising item? We can produce your book in small quantities at the right price.”]

[do_product title=”Yearbook / Team Books” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Great for private schools, sports leagues, class reunions and corporate events. Whether you’re conferring certificates on graduates of an exclusive high school or a corporate management course, we can help you create your own yearbook of faces, events and remembrances. Team books are great for sports teams or youth leagues, complete with team photos, results, standing and sponsor recognition.”]

[do_product title=”Religion” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Share your faith in story, poetry or personal testimony. Meditate on the meaning of a blessed life or present powerful personal testimony in a form that can be shared with family, friends or others. We help writers with a special story to tell put those stories into print. We give you all the information you need to prepare your book for publication.”]

[do_product title=”Cover Design” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”You Can Tell a Book From It’s Cover. Our talented design staff can work with you to design a cover to show off your masterpiece.”]

[do_product title=”Formatting” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”Good quality text design will make your book more readable and professional, resulting in more notice from booksellers, readers and publishers. Our design experience and knowledge of book design software we can handle the many technical details, and make your book look great in the process. Provide us with your book file and we’ll take it from there.”]

[do_product title=”ISBN” link=”/” link_text=”Learn more” image_url=”” description=”This service allows you, the author, to register to become your own publisher and purchase your own unique ISBN from the official US ISBN Agency.”]