Print procurement automation
with Web2Print

Today, more than ever, companies are looking for ways to be more efficient with resources, especially time and money. Web2Print procurement is a simple way to help achieve this.

Web2Print provides you with a secure portal where you can centralize your marketing materials, control content and protect your company’s brand image. Brand management can be challenging, particularly with multiple offices. However, having a single set of digital files for all your printing ensures your brand adheres to corporate guidelines – and that means you always present a consistent image.

If you’re contemplating a Web2Print procurement system or considering converting your existing system to one that better suits your needs, ThePrintSite can help. We offer our customers complete Web2Print services with the latest, most advanced technology.

The conveniences and advantages offered with a Web2Print custom portal are numerous. Following is a small sample of capabilities and items enjoyed by our customers.

  • Static Items such as letterhead, envelopes, folders, forms, branded note pads and brochures.

  • Variable-data items such as business cards, restaurant menus, brochure updates, franchise collateral and marketing materials. Variable data capabilities allows ThePrintSite to set up print assets that can be personalized in any number of ways such as an individual, a company or even a particular branch. It’s also the answer for items that change frequently.

  • Real-time inventory tracking. Easy administrative controls, including budget management, order approval, automated billing, and other payment methods.

  • Kitting and fulfillment including investment packages, sales kits, and other multi-element items.

  • Automating and organizing your print procurement process to make it easier for you to order, proof, budget, and track your jobs.

  • 24/7 portal access. This enables employees to place orders anytime, anywhere. All they need is a web browser and a password. Once logged in, employees see the catalog we’ve created for you, complete with pricing, shipping time, etc. Depending on your needs, the portal can even be built with customization capabilities for certain items.

  • System integration capabilities with your company’s purchasing software, through xXML – Coupa, Ariba, Oracle, SAP.

Your company’s needs will drive the Web2Print solution we create for your portal. ThePrintSite has the experience to provide the expertise necessary to customize your portal and get it live quickly, cost-effectively and smoothly.

Interested? We’d love to talk to you about how a Web2Print portal would help your particular business. No pressure, just information. Really.

Once you look at the benefits of a Web2Print portal solution, it’s hard to ignore. We think you’ll like what you see. Feel free to contact us at your convenience. If you prefer, just stop by our store in Addison. Yes, our brick and mortar offices are right here in the Dallas area, so we can help you electronically, telephonically, or “old school”, face-to-face.


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