Our integrated Print Fulfillment Services includes the planning and cost effective execution of the supply chain of printed materials and information from the point of origin to the point of utilization. Print Fulfillment Services is the ability to supply digital Print on Demand or Just in Time offset print with off-the-shelf inventory in quantities desired by the end user, packaged and quickly delivered in the manner requested. This allows customers to avoid fixed costs and capital expenditures in maintaining internal operations while converting to an entirely variable activity cost basis.


Start with a pocket folder, add a three fold brochure, include a private placement memorandum, combine sub documents and a business card, and you have the recipe for an effective kit.

Kitting and fulfillment have long been a intensely manual process, but we have implemented quality programs and technologies to create automated operations that meet the most exacting standards. We also use our electronic kitting operations to handle projects for investment organizations with legal requirements of 100% accuracy, in the mail on a deadline, and with a clear audit trail.

The Two Types of Kitting Services

Standard assembly services are applied when kits can be assembled and then stored for future distribution. For this type of kit, we would determine the acceptable stocking level and assemble the appropriate amount.

Custom fulfillment services are applied when kits cannot be pre-assembled. Typically there is at least one component of the kit that must be personalized fro each recipient, which requires us to fulfill the order when it is received. Minimum stocking levels of the components are maintained in the assembly area and replenished as necessary.