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Custom Menu Pads. Use once and discard.

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One-use Menu Pads

Pretty soon, we’ll slowly be getting back to doing all the things we took for granted just a couple months ago. The biggest hurdle will be the amount of time it takes people to trust being out in public. An even greater hurdle faces food establishments. The level of comfort will go up one restaurant at a time…one visit at a time. It will be a slow process, and those who wish to succeed will do three things:

1) Embrace social distancing and other relevant coronavirus safety precautions.

2) Find ways to make customers feel more comfortable in this coronavirus-present world.

3) Be nimble.

For restaurants, each one will have to figure out new seating arrangements, as well as have plenty of gloves and masks available for both employees and patrons. Every correct step starts to build trust. One easy step to take is to dispense with the idea of wiping down menus and think of them as use-once-and-discard items.

Just put yourself in the place of one of your patrons. Wouldn’t the waiter coming over and tearing a couple menus off a pad right in front of you lead you to think that the menus are clean? And even more important, wouldn’t that simple act make you think that the restaurant is probably taking other coronavirus-sensitive precautions through the entire business?

We think so. If you agree, we’d love to talk to you about what would make the most sense for your restaurant. Feel free to call us at 214-219-2220 for more information.

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